Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ring around the finger

Copies of celeb engagement rings, including Diana's and Camilla's.

This site told me something I didn't know, that Diana's famed engagement ring, with the giant sapphire, has been passed down to Prince William.

Which makes sense, and yet it must be kind of sad for him. This ring which once was such a symbol of hope, and both the marriage it represented and the woman who wore it are now gone.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, if I were him, I'd be leery of giving it to my intended.

Michelle said...

Wow. As a child I had a plastic ring that looked almost like the Diana ring; I think it came with my Happy Birthday Barbie. You peeled a metallic sticker the color of your birthstone off the sheet and stuck it on the base of the ring, then snapped on a plastic "crystal". At the time I thought it was the most elegant sapphire ring in the world.

Thought Criminal said...

That is sad for William. Poor guy.

But wow. Somehow I'd never seen a picture of Diana's ring... that's one gorgeous rock. I've always wanted a sapphire if I ever become engaged.

Engagement Rings said...

So many of the world's most beautiful jewels have witnessed both joy and tragedy. The Hope diamond is another good example.