Thursday, October 27, 2005

Trick or ... AAAUGH!

Heh, every Halloween, someone does an awesome Worst Costumes site. I love this.

Hmm, I can't decide which is worse:


Anonymous said...

Love those, pretty damn awful. I think I can top it, though. One of my young relatives had to go to his school Halloween party dressed as "Mustard". He was a bottle of yellow mustard for Halloween! Sadly, no pictures exist of this truly tragic event.

Thought Criminal said...

Those are pretty funny. I always enjoy halloween sites.

My dream halloween costume -- and I have yet to have an opportunity to go for it -- is to combine my Richard Nixon mask with my sequined evening gown (black with a big slit up the leg!), red fishnets,stilettos and a feather boa and go as "Drag Queen Nixon." Maybe this will be the year I pull it off. I'm going shopping on Sunday.

The closet I ever came was in a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (I've been in a cast for four years) when we put Dr. Scott in the Nixon mask. He did have fishnets and heels!

This year, since I'm allowed to wear a costume to work, I"m wondering if my boss would accept if I showed up in jeans and a logo t-shirt (strictly forbidden) and said "I'm dressed as a person whose boss lets her wear these things to work."

Danae said...

ohhh how i wish we had halloween here in Australia! I would surely be wearing that superhot elvis number... i mean banana's where can we go wrong! Possibly a elephant comstume in the shape of a banana would be better?

football freak said...

I gotta go with the ice cream baby. I'm going as Bush with a football beer helmet on top of my head filled with oil.

Talia said...

I almost died laughing at that Chewbacca costume with the way-too-big head that looked like it was about to burst into tears; then I almost repeated the act on the following Ninja Turtle costume.