Monday, November 07, 2005


Heeee! I love Tuesday's FBOFW strip.

It's as if Lynn Johnston has been eavesdropping on everyone's complaints and decided to summarize the status of Liz's various gentlemen callers in one sequence of five panels, even addressing the "don't RUSH her" complaints.

(Although I dunno, Connie, "plenty of time"? If the strip is really ending in 2-3 years, and if the last panel will be, as many suspect, Liz saying the words "for better or for worse" at her wedding, she'll have to get serious about the man-catching eventually.)

Elly even gets a bit of a smackdown in the last panel. Oh, so delicious.


Monty said...

Oh, that *would* be a good way to end it!

DrBear said...

*L* thanks for spoiling the ending, Gael!

yup, one last big Sunday strip...I can see it now.