Monday, December 05, 2005

Booking it

You know how you get a huge project done at work, and you take a big, deep sigh, and then you can't even remember how you spent your time before that project was sucking up every last second? That's how I felt the minute my Winter Book Guide went live on Friday. Please check it out:

FICTION: Novels range from poignant to hilarious

NONFICTION: Football, teachers, left-handers

COOKBOOKS: New recipes will warm up winter

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Books that fell through the cracks

COFFEETABLE: Photography books to get lost in

1 comment:

Thought Criminal said...

I haven't read very many of those, but some look good.

I actually really liked Christ the Lord. I'm not very religious but was catholic when I was a kid. I liked that Jesus is portrayed as a very normal, boring kid with a very normal childhood (killing/resurecting of bullies aside). I thought it was an easy read. Then again, I also enjoyed the 800 page Shakesepare bio (by Peter Akroyd) I just read (VERY boring writing, but interesting material, if you know what I mean).