Sunday, December 18, 2005

A lot on your plate

Washington state has a dearth of specialty license plates. When I drive around Virginia with Lisa, it seems that every college, every frat, every hobby has a colorful license plate that its devotees buy, and even Minnesota has a couple colorful plate choices. But Washington only has its standard Mount Rainier plate, although you often see people who buy the plate with a University of Washington or WSU logo on it.

That is all changing as of January, when Washington will offer this whole pile-up of plates. Lots of single animals (bear! deer! eagle! killer whale?) and a few scenic ones. The state parks plate, with a pretty waterfall, is my favorite, though I also like the lighthouse one. Sorry, no coffee or computer or Cobain plates.


Charles Barilleaux said...

Other license plate goodness:

* The ACME License Maker allows for custom tags of all shapes and sizes. Cool!

* License Plates of the World, a cool reference for this.

timbrat said...

I have "Native Texan" plates on my little car. Only Texans would have such a thing, but I love them. My last car had plates that supported the arts.