Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Princess Diaries

You can bid on the copy of Princess Diana's famous wedding gown, apparently made in case someone spilled wine or tore the one she wore. (The copy has fake Queen Mary's lace, not that anyone but Queen Mary would know.)

I remember when she wed, so many of us thought that was the most amazing dress we had ever seen. It influenced thousands of weddings and brides for years to come, I'm sure of it.

Looking at the dress now, though, if I can mentally separate it from her sad life at all, I have to say, Fergie's gown was head and shoulders above Di's as far as conforming to my style.


Anonymous said...

Dress style aside, what's with that girl to Fergie's immediate left? It seems something happened to her head!

Thought Criminal said...

Oh yeah, Fergie's is way prettier.

All I remember is Diana had that HUGE train (please say I'm remembering this right -- I'm recalling recently seeing the old footage, as I'm too young to remember the actual wedding) and I thought "I don't even know enough people to have bridesmaids to carry that damn train."

Nancy said...

Is it just me, ir does Fergie look like she's thinking she'd rather be anywhere else??

Tracy said...

It definitely influenced weddings and brides -- in the bridal industry, they note trends and patterns as "pre-Diana" or "post-Diana"! Isn't that wild? I learned that from that Cinderella Dreams book, Gael.

Boschka said...

Yes, Diana's dress did have a train..I recall it being some un-godly 30 feet or some such nonsense. I do have to say that hands down, Diana's gown was the fugliest thing I have ever seen. The girl was lost in it..Fergie's was much nicer and suited to her.