Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reasob #9,745 to love TiVo

...because as one of my TiVo suggestions, it captured "The Dukes of Hazzard (1980): Boss Hogg decides to steal all the Christmas trees in Hazzard, and have the theft blamed on the Dukes."

OHHHHHHH yeah he did!

I played the (now charmingly faded and dated) opening credits twice. That Waylon Jennings song! Luke sliiiiiiding over the hood of the General Lee! Bo kissing what appears to be his 12-year-old cousin! Daisy in her Daisy Dukes kicking a guy in the butt with her high heels! ROSCO P. COLTRANE!

Ah, nostalgia. Someday, the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will.


jeannie weller cooper said...

OK! I couldn't resist th' Dukes uf Hazzard SINCE I grew up in Fayetteville GA and went to school with the son of on of the producers of that show. Yes junior high and high school students watched that show AND listened to the song Elvira by a band that actually prodly went by the name Alabama. They also said GO DAwGS alot which is why it is their fault I missed out on the Athens scene and went instead to GA Southern in Statesboro whrer they had a resturant (CHAIN) called WifeSavers. There, a twofer.

Anonymous said...

i love the dukes of hazzard. me and my family are from conyers ga. where the very first few episodes where filmd and my mom has alot of memories that she shares with me and my brother. i love the dukes