Tuesday, January 03, 2006


"For Better or For Worse" is a wee bit boring these days as Liz's hangover drags on, but it's a new month, so there are new letters from the characters posted on the FBOFW site.

I'm kind of bemused that someone writes these every month (sometimes things happen only in the letters and are then referenced vaguely in the strip, as PCJM commenters have noted), but I never miss them.

This month, I have a hard time believing that Elly is recommending the graphic and stomach-turning "Million Little Pieces" (interesting digression on that book here), but after all, what Oprah reads, Elly reads. (It also still freaks me out that the animated Elly on her letter page pulls her glasses out of her butt, then PUTS THEM BACK.)

Liz seemed to have tossed Warren away for the relationship with Mr. Wright, as everyone predicted. It's a shame we haven't gotten to know the love of her life at all. About the nicest thing even Liz can think of to say about him is that he likes her cat. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

I'm finding Mike incredibly pompous, as if he thinks adding long words and complicating his sentences makes him a writer. Somehow I just don't think his house has had the same light bulb in the attic since the 1930s, no matter how misty-eyed he gets about it. (Also, "bagpipe-like drone"?) But then he gripes about editing, and as a fellow editor, I have to laugh just a little bit.

Deanna sounds more than a little irked at Mike, and since their marriage bugs me, I selfishly enjoyed that.

And April's letter from the pets actually made me laugh a little, thanks to this bit: "Liz actually phoned Vivian to check on her cat; Shiimsa heard Liz's voice on the speaker phone and started meowing really loud and Liz had a conversation with the cat over the phone. It was like "Meow?" and Liz said "Hi Shiimsa. Do you miss me?" and Shiimsa went "Mrowrr!" and Liz got tears in her eyes. I think she's turning into a crazy cat lady."

FOOBiverse delves still deeper into the dissection of the January letters.


PJ in Penticton said...

"Million Little Pieces" may turn out to be be similar to "Mutant Message Down Under" - an absorbing, riveting account that turn out to be completely fictitious (and error-riddled); one that a book publisher snapped up before demanding any proof that it's true.

I find the FBOFW monthly letters to be a bit creepy. As I've said before, it used to be a funny comic strip; now it's an angst-ridden soap opera with way too much backstory.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

So. Elly's ideas of fine cuisine include tossed salad, a preparing a relish tray (as we Iowans call "crudites"), and a platter of cheese.

By her standards, I was a Cordon Bleu chef before I was ten!