Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Author, author

Apparently, Amazon has added author letters/Weblogs, and if the authors whose work you've purchased have one, their info pops up when you go to Amazon. Or something.

Being a true-crime buff, I was greeted by blog posts from M. William Phelps, who's working on what sounds like a really interesting book about the Jeanne Dominico murder case, and Ann Rule, who's working on another true-crime case files book (yawn) and another big ol' hardcover (yay!).


Tracie said...

Oh, man, I totally agree with you on the Ann Rule! Give me a big ol' detailed case I can sink my teeth into, not these short little "case files"...

Gregg said...

I love Ann Rule's books. Small Sacrifices is my all time favorite true crime book. I know a few things about the genre, having written a few myself. Gregg Olsen,