Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rampart, this is Squad 51

"Rampart, this is Squad 51." Man, how many times did I hear those words as a kid?

I'm pretty sure that after Gordon on "Sesame Street," Johnny Gage on "Emergency" was my first crush. I even memorized his birthday, which he announced on the show once so Chet could read him his horoscope or something (August 28).

Rob grew up in L.A., and says as a kid he always insisted that the "Emergency" fire station was his local fire station. Yeah, the canyons and landscapes of L.A. kind of look alike, but he grew up in Calabasas and the station they shot at was actually in Carson. I'm totally going to insist we drive past it the next time we visit his family.

All this is prelude to me saying that I bought the second season of "Emergency" on DVD, and watching it is as close as I can get to feeling like I'm back in grade school, sitting in front of the clunky old TV in the den in those pre-remote control days. I think people buy movies for many reasons, but that they often buy TV shows on DVD less for the show's content as for the memories that come flooding back when they watch them, for the memories of who we once were when we watched the shows the first time around.


Bob said...

Gael, you rock! I totally remember, not "Emergency" but "Adam - 12" - my folks would go out dancing and leave me and my little brother home for the night - we would plop down in front of the big, tube-laden monster of a console tv and watch Reed and Malloy before switiching over to Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart, All In The Family, and others.
I had to buy the 1st season of Adam 12 just for that reason - it's like being 11 again!

Patty said...

Oh my god, I had Third Watch on earlier and when the paramedics brought a woman into the ER and one was talking about her vitals, I had a flashback to "Rampart, this is Squad 51." Then I wondered whatever happened to Randolph Mantooth. My friend was in love with him. I guess I need to google him now.

Rob said...


I am a Paramedic Firefighter in my early 40s. The reason I am is that my cousin and I used to Play Squad 51 way back when. I too have just got the second season of "Emergency!" and watch it with my kids ( who want to know why the trucks look diffrent then Dad's) But Its brings me back to those nights as a kid when i watched the show with my family.

Great show, better memories.

Tony said...

The coolest was when the guys from Adam-12 were on Emergency! (or was it the other way around?)