Thursday, February 09, 2006

More true-crime news

It's no real surprise, but they've arrested Neil Entwistle for the murder of his family. Who shoots a baby? And who kills a woman with her father's gun, then returns the gun to him? This case is already incredibly creepy and only seems like it's going to get worse.

Also, some of you have followed the Janet March case. She vanished 10 years ago and her husband and their kids were living in Mexico. Well, now the husband's father has confessed to helping his son dispose of her body. But some still have questions about the crime.

Even behind beautiful homes and in what appear to be model families, there are things you could never imagine.

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brigita said...

My husband works in the town where the Entwistle murder took place. So completely bizarre. I thought it was funny (in a dark, sad way, of course) that they initially were referring to Entwistle as "a person of interest" when in reality he was the best and only suspect of a double homicide.

While I don't support the death penalty, anyone who murders a BABY deserves to leave this world slowly and painfully.