Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy belated Easter!

However, I hope you did not enjoy you some Easter turducken. Because as much as I love Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs, this looks majorly nasty. However, it would give Rob a chance to use his beloved Dremel.

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AJ said...

It's not an "ester Turducken", it's a "Chobunpeg" (chocolate bunny, peep, egg).
And yes, I helped to make one. We went a step further and put a jelly bean in the egg, and made the mistake of using full size eggs instead of the little ones.
It was as unholy and sweet as you might imagine.
But it got worse. We torched the inside with a blow torch, then put the whole mess in the oven, to melt and bind all the ingrediants together.
I will never be the same again.