Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How sweet it is

A while back, my book club read "Candyfreak" by Steve Almond, an awesome little true story about his visiting and reporting on regional candy companies throughout the U.S. Of course people brought candy to the meeting, and we wished we could sample all the candies he mentioned. (Memo to Almond's publisher: Consider selling a sampler pack with each copy!)

If I'd known about this regional candy pack at the time, I totally would have bought it and brought it to the meeting. It even has Pearson's candies, from St. Paul -- Salted Nut Roll (not my fave) and Nut Goodie (divine blend of chocolate, peanuts and a maple-cream center). I'm also a sucker for the divinely drippy Mallo Cups, which used to come with those little cardboard point cards you were supposed to save for free candy. Mmm...

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Nancy said...

Do you (or anyone) remember:

-Heavenly Hash
-Cherry Hump (don't laugh)