Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh good Lord

Scott Peterson's mother is suing Laci Peterson's family for mortgage payments she apparently made on their house while Scott's case was going on.

Man, let it go. Your son killed their daughter. I know she'll never believe that, but no amount of money is going to equal that loss.

Don't you kind of secretly hope that when we die, there's a justice room where all the unanswered questions of earth are explained? And if so, I hope that Scott Peterson finally has to face his family, and Laci's, too, and explain "Yes, I did kill her, and I lied to you about it, over and over again." Because you know that'll never happen on this planet, but it's damn satisfying to think about.

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emc said...

I have always hoped that when we die, we learn all the answers we never got when we were alive. There are just so many mysteries and secrets.