Monday, May 01, 2006

All that Jazz

Look for Pepsi Jazz, a line of diet flavored sodas, to launch this summer. To me it sounds a lot like the different flavors of Diet Rite you can already get, but that I find gross.


jim kosmicki said...

at our local Wal-mart Supercenter, you can buy fruit flavored Pepsi ONE. There are three flavors -- Orange, Grape and Cherry. They are fruit sodas, not fruit flavored colas, by the way. It's a decent use of the ONE brand-name. But they aren't available at any other local retailer, so I'm guessing that they were (or are) some sort of test market product.

Johnathan said...

The grape version of ONE rocks! It's Splenda-sweetened (as all the ONE products are) and tastes very authentic for a diet soda.

BUT - I can only get it at one Wal-Mart that's like an hour's drive from there. The one that's 15 minutes away had it advertised in their flyer but has never actually carried the product.