Monday, May 01, 2006

Face to face

I've linked to Faces of Meth before, but I don't think I've linked to quite this version. Chilling. (Note: Two of the thumbnails are crossed with each other, so you click on a woman's face and get larger photos of a man, and vice-versa, but only two.)

Random note: Last time I posted a meth link, I apparently got listed for "meth" in Google or something, because a ton of people who'd obviously never read PCJM before found the site and started posting testimonies about what a scourge meth was and how hard it was for them (or their children) to kick it. Not that there's anything wrong with kicking meth, but I'm certainly not used to that kind of comment on this site, where the most serious thing discussed is what episode of "Facts of Life" was the best. It was just like...changing the channel from a TV Funhouse episode to a PBS docudrama.


Thought Criminal said...

I live in a town with a huge meth problem and this is really scary. Interesting that you got all those comments last time.

Anonymous said...

I would swear that some of those pictures are not of the same person. Meth seriously alters a person's face!

And, apparently, it causes huge open sores on their faces--what's up with that?

Finding My New Normal said...

Gael, it is interesting you posted this this week. There has been a little bruhaha here in the Cities over City Pages "Best of" issue. They listed Meth as the best Bang for the Buck. They claim it was satire but judging from the uproar, not many people got it.

seth said...

not to minimize the scourge of meth, as it clearly takes its toll on families and individuals, but evidently in addition to everything else, it makes you have really, really bad hair.