Friday, May 12, 2006


A visual history of video-game football. This kind of feature is always so amazing to me.

I like to imagine someone with a time machine showing up at the side of a kid playing Mattel Electronic Football in 1977 or whatever and showing them Madden '07. It'd be like going back in time and giving Pa Ingalls a John Deere tractor, or like in "Guns of the South" when the South Africans from the future handed the Confederacy AK-47s. The kid's mind would quite simply completely explode.

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ralph said...

I just found my copy of Mattel Football the other day, and have been playing it incessantly since. I kind of prefer it to the visual realism of today's football games. Interestingly, you can buy a replica release of Football 2 nowadays. It uses an LCD instead of the LEDs of the original, I think, but otherwise looks pretty much the same.