Monday, May 08, 2006

Behold the power of Wikipedia

Yes, I know that Wikipedia gets things wrong and can't be treated as gospel truth, but I'm repeatedly impressed to the point of being a little bit freaked out by how amazingly complete it is.

My high school, a not-very-famous midwestern Catholic school? In there, complete with famous astronaut, acting and athlete alumni. (Josh Hartnett went there? Who in the what, now?)

Rob's high school, a not-very-famous California public school? Also in there, complete with acting and parent-murdering famous alumni. I'd guess the Menendez Brothers aren't coming to any reunions, though.

The rural area where my parents live? Listed.

Suburb where I spent my childhood? It's there, complete with freakishly in-depth weather stats.

Our neighborhood? Gotcha.

My favorite hometown summer festival? Come on, Minnesota, get together, it's Fair time!

My favorite book? Read on.

My employer? Listed. Apparently we are a portmanteau. I wonder if we can get shirts?

There's even an entry that seems like it would be about me. But thankfully, they're not quite that complete. Yet. Whew!


Anonymous said...

Good grief. The street I grew up on in the tiny Melbourne (Australia) suburb is in there, as is my school.
It's bizarre.

cd said...

My old neighborhood is there as well! So now I know what I'll be doing all day - checking out every tenuous connection I can think of.

Melissa said...

Interesting... since your childhood suburb is there, my current suburb is there. As is my hometown... (

Laura M said...

Maybe this is a boring comment, Gael, but I clicked over just to see what your favorite book is, and I had this weird feeling it was The Secret History -- MY favorite book -- and ... voilà. Weird.

Uh, long-time reader first-time commenter? Keep it up, especially odd posts about food and true crime. Heh. :)

Kathryn said...

I loved "The Secret History"- I actually just read it last summer.

My hometown is in there (Hales Corners, WI) but not my high school. If I were ambitious I would submit an entry, but it's not like I loved high school that much.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Wow. My hometown--population 2000--is there. Not my employer, though. Or me. Whew.

Kel said...

Josh Hartnett on Wiki: He later attended Cretin-Derham Hall High School before switching to South High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from which he graduated in June 1996.

So kinda.

My hometown (Wahoo, NE) is on there, complete with a detailed recap of our competition with Grand Rapids, Michigan to be the Late Show home office.