Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Unsolved mystery

The Jodi Huisentruit case made the news today, but it doesn't look very good as far as finding the missing anchor.

It's a weird story, though. If you noticed a grave-shaped digging on your land days after someone disappeared, wouldn't you a) dig it up, or b) call someone to dig it up? Would you sit around and wait for 10 years?

This is one of those cases that has always stayed with me, and when it resurfaces, I can't help but wish for a resolution for her family and friends. Jacob Wetterling, Anne Barber Dunlap, the Huisentruit case...Minnesota alone has so many unsolved cases.

Update: Sadly, looks like they didn't find Jodi.


Theresa said...

I also wondered the same thing about the guy and why he waited so long to notify authorities about digging on his land. Hello? Was he just out for attention? Who would wait ten years and not say something?

Whenever I drive along in the most desolate areas I can't help but wonder what secrets those abandoned farm buildings hold. I drove through Mason City last weekend and thought of JH, and think of Katie Poirer whenever I hear any reference to Moose Lake.

swerds said...

Dru Sjodin too. Of Pelican Rapids but abducted from the mall in Grand Forks, ND where she went to school. I met her just a few days before she disappeared.

swerds said...

And then I blunder where Dru was from. Pequot Lakes...