Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If you hear 'em from your brother, better clear 'em with your mother

What am I doing right now? Watching the second season of "Facts of Life" on DVD. Yes, the first and second seasons came out today -- best $35 I've spent in a while.

I also wrote about "Facts" at my work Weblog, and included a video of Al Roker interviewing Nancy McKeon, Lisa Whelchel, and Mindy Cohn on the "Today" show this morning. Yes, Nancy McKeon, she who shunned "Facts" for a while, appears to be back in the Eastland fold. No word on where Kim Fields is. (Also, Mindy Cohn? I love you, but your...look is kind of crazy Earth Mother hippie-gypsy lady got dressed at a yard sale in the dark, and it's scaring me.)

But back to the DVDs: I kind of forgot, I was putting down this show a little bit, thinking I was remembering it in a haze of happy memories but that it would really kind of stink, but no! There were actually some kind of funny lines, even in the early seasons! Who knew? Oh, I guess I did, but I kind of forgot.

There're other things I forgot, too. Mrs. Garrett had a lying wannabe musician son? Tootie's aunt had a mixed-race marriage? Tootie's child modeling episode involved her dressed to the neck and beyond, which doesn't stop Mrs. Garrett from shrieking about "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!"

Also, the 1980s had some really, really bad clothes. Polyester, shoulder pads, horizontally striped polo shirts. And people imitated Mork, and the laugh track laughed at it. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

I especially love that Tootie's aunt had a mixed-race marriage...with McGyver.

Shannon said...

I've been watching this show from the beginning on my Comcast digital cable for free, in their On Demand menu. I'm halfway into season 4. And you're right, Gael, it actually is a good show, with some topics that don't even get touched nowadays on sitcoms. I wouldn't still be watching it otherwise. It's also fun to look at the credits of any minor characters on IMDB and see what they went on to do, like Jo's younger cousin is Megan Follows, who went on to star as "Anne of Green Gables!"