Thursday, May 18, 2006

Runaway bride, never going back

I am shocked, shocked to hear that the Runaway Bride's (remember her?) wedding is off.

Those are about the two most unflattering photos of them, by the way. Yes, she has googly eyes (some say it's due to the same thyroid problem that I have, though I don't have the eye thing, thankfully) but what is up with the shape of his head? It's Frankensteiningly square!


Kristi said...

Poor guys. It's for the best. Their kids would have been square heads with crazy eyes and would be always running away. It would have never worked out.

T said...

Hee! The buzz in the playgroup I run with is all about how the Runaway Bride is the receptionist at a very popular pediatric office here in north metro Atlanta.

(Clearly, I need to start hanging with a cooler crowd.)

ThatBlackGuy said...

I see a movie deal in the works.