Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sing, sing a song

Man, I wish they'd show the Eurovision Song Contest in this country. I think I'd like it a heckuva lot more than "American Idol."

FYI, in Doug Coupland's wonderful new novel, Jpod, there's a marijuana plant named Bo Bice. (Also one named Fantasia Barrino.) Heh.


Sanna said...

This time, Eurovision was insane! Finland won, with historically high points. Even Greece, who tried to get Finland disqualified because of the costumes gave us their highest points. Two years ago we were at the very bottom of the chart, this year we're making history. The world has gone mad, and its all because of LORDI... :P

Anonymous said...

Eurovision is so much fun - I can't believe you don't get it in the States. A couple of years ago, SBS (Australia) decided to add local commentary, but for English language speakers, nothing beats Terry Wogan!