Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back from the dead

"48 Hours Mystery" featured a terribly creepy true-crime case this week. An Australian teenager disappeared and was thought to be the victim of a serial killer. But -- guess what! -- apparently she was just hiding with her older boyfriend for FIVE YEARS, even while the trial for her supposed murder was going on.

I saw a similar plot on "Close to Home" this season, and now I'm thinking those writers just got lazy and ripped off the headlines -- only headlines from Down Under. Eh, the American viewing audience will never know, right?

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Kamala said...

Now all us Aussies need is for a 20-something year old Azaria Chamberlain to crawl out of the woodwork and announce that she's just been chillin' with the dingoes for the past twenty years-- even while her mother was falsesly accused and on death row.