Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Proper Spelling

Freakgirl has a great list of 10 things for which she's thankful to the late Aaron Spelling.

Most people in my generation could do their own list. Mine would include the fact that one of my earliest TV memories involves making a list so I could identify the first three "Charlie's Angels" by hair color and length. I oh so carefully wrote down "Jill--blonde (although I probably wrote
"yellow"), Kelly--long, brown, Sabrina--short, brown.").

And decades later, when Rob and I were newlyweds and would do anything to avoid doing our laundry, we set up a routine: Wednesdays were "90210, Leeann Chin and laundry nights." We would pick up takeout Chinese from Leeann Chin, watch "Beverly Hills, 90210," and race to our shared apartment laundry room during the commercials (this was pre-TiVo, you understand). As a Minnesotan newly married to a Californian and considering moving west, the show hit some weird familiarity bells with me, and I still remember it fondly.

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