Monday, June 26, 2006

Taking the mystery to the grave

Patsy Ramsey, mom of Jon-Benet, the little beauty pageant winner who was murdered on Christmas in her Boulder, Colorado home in 1996, has died of ovarian cancer, leaving husband John, his adult children, and Jon-Benet's still-young brother, Burke.

This case has been a thorny mess from the beginning--the police didn't even bother to search the house, letting Jon-Benet's father find his baby's body and thus contaminate the crime scene. And so much of the case seemed so odd -- what criminal takes a pad of paper from the house, sits down and writes a gigantic ransom note? (And then never holds the child for ransom, either, killing her in a house full of relatives, where anyone could wake at any time.) There's supposedly DNA taken from Jon-Benet's clothing, though some claim that, too, could be from crime-scene contamination.

Jon-Benet would be 16 today. Maybe she'd have kept on with the pageant life that so many observers found so creepy, maybe she'd have moved on, to soccer or drama or singing or horseback riding -- who knows? She didn't get that chance, and now her brother and father mourn another loss in their lives. I don't know who killed Jon-Benet, although I've always thought the Ramseys knew more than they were telling. This is a case that I believe won't be solved in our lifetimes.

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Anonymous said...

Having lived in Denver during the whole Ramsey thing, I don't care what anyone says, I'm convinced that John and Patsy are totally guilty.