Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You got your cinnamon in my chocolate!

Mmm, Haagen-Dazs now has Mayan Chocolate, dark chocolate ice cream with a touch of cinnamon.

Is it just me though, or has Haagen-Dazs lost serious ground to Ben & Jerry's in recent years? I rarely eat ice cream these days, but B&J seems to have much more interesting flavors most of the time.


Talia said...

I don't think the Mayans had cinnamon. What they did have was red chile.

I know it sounds gross at first, but the flavor combination of chocolate and red chile is actually pretty good.

girlfiend said...

B&J does have more interesting flavors, but sometimes I just want ice cream without all the candy and snacks in it. Mayan Chocolate sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

plus Haagen-Dazs uses stuff like high fructose corn syrup, while B&J's is still all natural (high fructose syrup is tinkered with).

s. said...

sadly, i got all worked up over that the other night, and then was disapointed. sure, it's tasty. but it's no ice cream miracle, and the "fudge swirl" was pretty well hidden.

i'll take a carton of "the gobfather" of that stuff any day of the week.