Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Till death do us part

Oh please, if you're not watching "Bridezillas" this summer on WE, you are missing one of the best guilty pleasures out there. Brides in sausage-casing tight sweaters! Brides on disability refinancing their homes to have weddings at castles! Brides whose bridesmaids hate them! Brides who almost break up with their groom at the rehearsal!

So, so awesomely bad, and also being recapped at TWoP this year. Double the exquisite torture.

The show's Web site even gives you sneak peeks at upcoming brides. One has a vodka fountain. Excellent idea. And already-seen bride Lydee is a stay-at-home mom? What? Already?

The site also updates you on three of the season-two brides, two of whom got pregnant pretty much instantly.


V said...

Haven't been able to catch the show, but have caught TWoP's recaps. Just reading it, i can *almost* feel Mr. Stupidhead's pain. Don't think it can be truly felt unless experiencing it.

Talia said...

The only episode I've seen just annoyed me -- the girl was not by any means a Bridezilla! She was this sweet little Japanese girl whose biggest "evil" was deciding to wear a pink dress instead of white. That bothered me enough that I don't think I'll watch it again.

Rachel said...

This show is awesomely bad. Poorly edited, poorly narrated, poorly shot, and the women are even worse. Well, it seems like we get one raging psycho hose beast and one who seems almost saint-like in comparison for every episode.

Though the bride with the vodka fountain can be a bitch all she wants as long as she seats me at the table closest to said fountain. That is a GENIUS idea.

Anonymous said...

My mother has a movement disorder and has been fighting for over a year to get some type of disability. She's worked hard all her life and they are dragging her through a lot of crap. Knowing that Regina had that lavish a wedding usuing her disability checks disgusts me - did you see the hundreds she laid out for the flowers??! She also looked fine to me!

Anonymous said...

We are going to have when wedding shows collide moment - one of the Bridezillas gets married at the Adorable Wedding Chapel in Texas, which if I am not mistaken has been featured on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Kathryn said...

I like the show in theory, but they do often include women who are not bridezillas by any means. Okay, I saw Regina, and she's horrible, but I think she should be the standard. I have seen more than one of these brides that are clearly just stressed out, and their fiances don't do a damn thing to help them, and their friends are uncooperative, and their parents are not understanding, whilst everyone is coming to the bride with their stupid questions. That's how my weding was too.