Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heating up a cold case

Could it be? Could a grade-school teacher from the U.S. be Jon Benet Ramsey's killer? This new development is pretty amazing so far, though it doesn't explain a lot of the really weird holes in the case.

Wasn't the enormously long ransom note written on a pad of paper from the Ramseys' own home? What kidnapper takes the time to do that while loitering at the crime scene? Who leaves a three-page ransom note and then kills the victim and leaves her on the premises? How did the father reportedly instantly run downstairs and find Jon Benet's body once the (dumb) cops agreed to let him search his own house?

I hope this guy did it so the case can finally be solved, but there are still so many questions here. Still, it gives me hope that other unsolved cases -- Jacob Wetterling among them -- can be one day solved.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely that there are still a lot of holes in this story. In addition to the ransom note, apparently this guy is saying he picked her up school and took her back to her family's house?? Didn't this happen around Christmas time - when she wouldn't be in school? And, wasn't the note discovered in the morning, yet no one missed her the night before? Like you, I would like to believe that he did it but somehow I just don't buy it.

Holly said...

Also, his family all seems confused that he'd ever *been* to Boulder, much less was their for Christmas (which I'm sure they'd remember). My call is that he just fantasized he'd done it for whatever sicko reason.

carlo.60 said...

I think the authorities are in such a hurry to patch up their work that they are leaving a lot of questions unanswered. They should first make sure that the suspect is properly identified before they make such statements.