Sunday, August 06, 2006

You take the good, you take the blouse

An anonymous reader sent me a link to this blouse with a version of the Eastland School seal from "Facts of Life." (Amy, are you reading this?)

I love the concept, but I have to say, I'd have never recognized the seal without someone telling me. I am a bad, bad Eastland student. Mrs. Garrett would assign me to kitchen duty.


Of course I'm reading! said...

Only available in size S/M???!!!??

What would Natalie do???


Gael said...

Natalie quite possibly enjoyed herself some S/M, if that Facts of Life Reunion movie where she was dating two men is to be believed. She was one wild child.

Oh, S/M is the size? Uh, never mind.

Alice said...

That's so funny! I actually saw that yesterday, and was thinking to myself "I should email PCJM because this is too funny!"