Monday, September 11, 2006


I envision this last panel of FBOFW sent to some horribly sappy 1970s song, like "The Theme from Mahogany."

Do you know, Liz, where you're goin' to? Do you like the weirdly pornstached Anthony that the strip keeps showin' you? How fast can you get back to Mtigiwhatever? Do you know?


Anonymous said...

Not soon enough.

I never knew that was the name of that song! I guess I never saw "Mahogany".

seth said...

um, totally unrelated but:

of course i thought of you. watch it all the way through, because it takes an exciting turn halfway through when the caucasian thumb-babies are introduced.

Talia said...

Man, why is she so upset about this trial? I'd be more relieved, I should say -- certainly she's been wondering up till now what was going to happen with this guy? Or was she too distracted by Mr. Wright to think of it?

And just gotta love how everyone in the family keeps pressuring her to hang out more with Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Love your FBOFW critiques. It's great knowing others who like to mock this comic but still somehow keep being drawn to read it. Do you think there's some sort of subliminal hypnosis thing going on? It seems like it with those blinking, spaced-out eyes. By the way, I can't even find the word "pornstached" in the dictionary. Can you please enlighten us less-educated heathens? Thanks!

Gael said...

Sadly, I'm the heathen. Pornstache = porn + stache, in that Anthony's mustache looks like it's straight out of some cheesey 1970s porn movie. Not that I would know, of course.