Wednesday, September 06, 2006


For some reason, is not working at the moment. But you can still access the site at, and with any luck, the real URL will be back soon.

OK, so who wants to bet on what the policeman is praising Liz for in the latest "For Better or For Worse"?

Most folks at the FOOBiverse seem to think it's the old Howard near-rape incident coming back up again, which ... if that's it, the wheels of Canadian justice do indeed grind slowly.

I just hope the guy isn't a cop-costumed stripper.


Toby said...

Maybe she got out of Mtigwake just in time, as it turns out Paul Wright was a serial killer/cop and he slashed his old girl friend to death as he would have done to Lizardbreath if she stayed longer....

Well, at least the flashbacks would have looked cool with those blinking eyes!

Beth said...

I think it will be that, too, and I think the guy will have attacked another woman.

(I am so glad I found you, and I confess that it was today's strip that prompted me to google to see if you had another address!)