Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ghetto latte

I'd never even heard of a "ghetto latte" (tacky name), but apparently it's what Starbucks baristas call it when someone orders a drink in such a way as to make it much cheaper, and then they doctor it up with milk from the free condiment bar.

Personally I don't have the time to fuss just trying to save a few bucks on fancy coffee, but as you can see from all the comments, everyone who works at Starbucks seems to have a strong opinion about it.


Madderrose said...

I live in a Town Without Starbucks, so reading that post and the comments below was like looking in on an alien culture.

Seriously, I'm at our coffeehouse 5-10 minutes after it opens in the mornings, and I'm not mentally capable of getting out anything more complicated than "Coffee, big," and grunting at a muffin.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

That was incomprehensible to me. I have NO idea what those words mean. Starbucks has its own private language.

I brew my own coffee, though, so I don't get into S'bucks often enough to pick up the jargon.