Monday, September 04, 2006

Funky chocolate treats

New in grocery stories, though I haven't bought either of them:

Dark Chocolate M&Ms
They even say "Dark" on them under the little "m," in case you mix up a bowl with the milk chocolate ones.


Dulce De Leche Oreos
Dulce De Leche in general is way too sweet for me, so I doubt I'll be trying these, but the description on this cookie blog makes them sound pretty good.


may251 said...

Wow ! M&Ms. How much does one cost? I've cut down on sugar already. Seems like I'll be getting diabetes after several year of drowning myself to foods rich in sugar.

Lauren said...

The dark chocolate M&Ms are absolutely delicious, especially to those of us who don't care for milk chocolate.

The dulce Oreos? SO NASTY. I spat out my first bite and had an aftertaste for an hour. (And this coming from someone who loves *real* dulce de leche!)

Thought Criminal said...

I agree -- the dulce oreos are disgusting. Way too sweet and the flavor just isn't good.