Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maple macchiato

While at the Toronto Film Festival, blogger LJC discovered the maple macchiato, but apparently it's only served at some Starbucks, especially in Canada and on the U.S.'s East Coast. (Hey, Seattle is Starbucks' home base, why don't we get it?)

When we were in Bennington, Vermont last month, I ordered the specialty drink at a local coffeehouse, a Cafe Vermont. It had real maple syrup in it, and though I requested they not make mine too sweet, it was awesome.


girl_in_greenwood said...

Hey, we can try something like this at home! Although it completely slipped my mind today while I was downtown, dang it.


Tony said...

The Starbucks in my city (Providence, RI) actually offered the Maple Latte last fall/winter. One of the employees told me that it was only being test marketed in a few locations.

Personally, I loved the Maple Latte. Now I'll have to see if it's being offered again locally this year.

Chats_Noirs said...

I just got one in Chicago. Mmmmmm...

I wish Caribou had it -> I like the atmosphere there better than at Fourbucks.