Saturday, September 09, 2006


Watching the Ohio State-Texas football game, and I got curious about the Longhorn mascot, Bevo the longhorn steer. Here's an interesting legend about how he got his name--it involves the transformation of an certain taunting brand.


seth said...

as great as that story is, the truth is almost better:

The best-known tale most likely did not actually occur as it is told. It is true that in 1917, four A&M students kidnapped the longhorn and branded him with "13 - 0", the score of A&M's 1915 win over Texas. However, Texas students did not, as is rumored, retaliate by changing the steer's brand to Bevo as is sometimes claimed. Instead they fattened him up and served him at a football banquet in 1920. The Aggies were fed the side they had branded and presented with the hide, which still reads 13–0.

from wikipedia

Bill said...

Hook 'em!