Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ah-one, and ah-two

There's a weblog for everything, including one devoted to the late Lawrence Welk and his musical family. Tell your grandma!

PBS in Seattle reruns "The Lawrence Welk Show" every so often, and watching it is such a wonderfully cheesy, innocent look back in time that I can't seem to stay away.

But then I also think of the Lennon Sisters, a quartet of sisters who were regulars on Welk's show once their classmate, Welk's son, introduced them to his dad. They left for their own show, and in 1969, their father was gunned down by a freakish stalker fan who delusionally believed he was married to one of them. So creepy, especially in context of the innocent world of the Welk show.


Anonymous said...

My parents watched Lawrence Welk every week, and I just loved The Lennon Sisters. I played with my Lennon Sisters paper dolls every night! Of course, this was a few years ago :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the parody recording of the Lawrence Welk show that had the bubble machine run amok at the end? I think one of the last lines was "Turn off the bubble machine!"
Is this recording online anywhere???