Saturday, October 28, 2006


I made these super-creepy witches' fingers pretzels for the Halloween meeting of my book club. If anyone is looking for a spooky yet yummy and easy-to-make treat for the holiday, I highly recommend them!

You make a simple dough and shape it into knuckly fingers, then poach it in simmering water with baking soda. Then you drain them, sprinkle with rosemary (for knuckle hair) and sea salt (for taste, although maybe also for flaky skin!), stick almonds in for fingernails (I colored mine red for nail polish) and bake them.

They're delicious the same day they're made, though the next day they were already disappointingly soggy, But the best part is how horrible they look!


Matt Hinrichs said...

Those look good! I suppose you could also add poppy seeds for dirt.

Anonymous said...

They look like deformed penises and not fingers AT ALL.

Sara said...

They were awesome!