Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stick in the mud

I love, love, love this You Tube video of 59 foods available on sticks at the Minnesota State Fair. I love the goofy foods, many of which I've consumed, and the friendly people, most of whom are Minnesotans, and whose accents and smiles remind me of home.

(Semi-related: At state fairs, they deep-fry everything unhealthy -- candy bars, Twinkies, Oreos and more. This guy decided to deep fry a bacon double quarter pounder. Here are step-by-step photos of his culinary adventure.)

Believe it or not, this video does NOT show all the foods on sticks, unless I miss my guess. Does it feature the fabulous Porky's Pork Chop on a Stick? I didn't see it. (Link via Grow a Brain.)


Traci in Texas said...

the State Fair of Texas has Deep Fried Coke!

Anonymous said...

They showed some sort of pork chop on a stick. Don't know if it was a Porky's.