Sunday, November 26, 2006

And the Oscar for most-commented PCJM post goes to...

Well, I'm not exactly sure, but I'd say my January 2006 post about Taco Doritos and other hard-to-find flavors, which keeps getting new comments from Dorito-hunting fans the nation over, has got to be in the running.

And no wonder why: It's the first Google result for "Taco Doritos," just ahead of my pals at Scrubbles, and six results ahead of the nutrition stats for this flavor on Frito-Lay's own site.

Welcome, Dorito lovers!

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virginianforchoice said...

Yesterday (Nov 30, 2006) in Hatteras, NC, a container that had fallen from a ship at sea washed up on the beach. It was dented and had been breached by either wildlife or the ravages of the sea.

It was full of Doritos, and the BIG news of this was that there was a lot of some more obscure flavor (black peper jack?) and several people had scooped up "dozens" of cases of bags.

It was a MOST amusing news story on our local news last night. The best part? Everyone quoted as a witness was some kind of environmentalist (there on the beach to count birds or whatever) and all pruported to not eat Doritos themselves... but yet, they could not resist the lure of free doritos washing up on the beach. There might be coverage on