Sunday, November 26, 2006

Go nuts for donuts

Now I'm just as big a fan of Tiny Tim donuts at the Minnesota State Fair as anybody, but even I never dreamed a regular person would have one of those cool mini-donut making and flipping machines in their own home.

Yet some inspired person spent $900 on eBay for just such a used machine, delightedly named the Donut Robot, and managed to set it up and get it working in their laundry room. It makes 384 donuts an hour and requires 35 pounds of shortening (mmm, healthy!).

It also features, uh, some other issues: "After laboriously scraping the contents of a dozen Crisco cans (and learning why they sell shortening in 50 pound blocks), dumping the shortening into the kettle, and turning on the robot, the robot ignobly caught on fire."

Still, how wonderfully worth a little flamage is it, to have your own Donut Robot? (Via Metafilter.)

1 comment:

Lesley said...

I can tell you, with the burns to prove it, that the Donut Robot is 150lbs of pure, greasy, EVIL.