Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Edged out

What a brilliant idea: If you find your baked goods or lasagna don't cook enough in the middle, or the folks in your family just prefer the crunchy edges (as Rob does), you need to investigate this Baker's Edge pan, which looks a little like a maze and increases the number of edges on your cooking or baking.

From the wonderful King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalogue, found via Not Martha. And here's the pan's own home page, it seems.


GoBetty said...

Are you a fan of The Office? Pam Beesley's / Jenna Fischer's MySpace has a great blog where she touts this cool cupcake caddy thingy... Check it out... you two remind me of each other.


love2all said...

Looks like the Enron logo. LOL.

Rebecca said...

I trying to think of things where edges are really better than centers and macaroni and cheese comes to mind. Lasagne no, though, the edges are usually tough and dried out. It's a great idea, though. Oh, I thought of another one, scalloped potatoes, the edges are really better on those, all crusty and cheesy. I wonder if you could do them in this pan.