Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hose Nose

Lisa and I have an ongoing gross-candy contest, and perhaps the grossest thing we ever found was a plastic nose called Pick 'N' Chews, where you picked the gum or candy out of the nostrils.

Along these same lines, there is now the Hose Nose -- you strap it on your real nose and then let the liquid candy slowly driiiiip out to be caught on your tongue.

NEW GROSS-CANDY WINNER! Hands down! And this from someone who has actually eaten Gummi Maggots. (Via Candy Blog.)


beajerry said...

OMG, that's just wrong!

Anonymous said...

OK, Hose Nose is pretty damn gross. I could not even look at the picture. I still think Pick N Chews is grosser, though. I mean, it came in all those colors. This stuff looks to be pretty clear. Chunks trump liquids. But marijuana-flavored candy? That's a whole different category--wrong!