Friday, November 10, 2006

Family Circus Pet Sematary

I seldom actually laugh out loud at stuff I read online, though everyone else seems to be constantly doing it, plus spitting into their keyboards, which ... gross.

But this Josh Reads entry did get me to laugh out loud, in which he dissects (!) the Family Circus Pet Sematary. (I'd make that a backwards S if I could.)

Says Josh: "What intrigues me most about this meticulously illustrated history of carnage is the fact that the wussily-named Kittycat was preceded by the much, much butcher Beast. Perhaps the name provides a clue to the motivation behind the carnage: all these hapless creatures were sacrifices to the greater Beast, our Dark Lord, who returns the gifts with a channel of raw power straight into the hearts of His little servants. You’re next, PJ!"

Also, scroll down on that page and see if you can make sense of Judge Parker. The kid got a full BOAT WRESTLING scholarship? He must go to UDub!

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