Friday, November 10, 2006

Mary Worthless

I remain fascinated with old-school soap-opera comic strips, the kind that put an exclamation point after every sentence and streeeetch out their stories for months on end.

"Mary Worth" is one of my favorites. She has the best recent storyline, this weird Aldo Kelrast was stalking her (because nosy old Mare is so HOTT) and her friends (she has friends?) freaked out and staged an intervention where they told him to go blow. And then he drunk-drove and killed himself! See, ya just don't get that kinda action in "B.C."!

But maybe this is a sign as to why Aldo luvvved Mary so much: Her lovely lady lumps. Check it out. (Oh, this is so wrong.)

Also, see Aldo's MySpace, with appropriate audio.

Via Ultimate Insult.

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