Thursday, December 14, 2006


When we were in Tokyo, we tried to get directions to a YMCA where Sue had a reservation. We couldn't find it and kept using our pathetic Japanese to try and get people to help us. They were very nice, but it turned out no one knew where it was. One woman tried to help us and told us to turn at "Seven Company."

We walked and walked and walked and eventually realized by "Seven Company" she meant "7-Eleven," also known as "Seven and iHoldings" in Japan. I felt like one of those teams on "The Amazing Race," where they're given some semi-vague, semi-obvious clue, and watching the show you feel so smug, like "DUH! How can you NOT figure that 'Seven Company' = "7-Eleven'?" But in real life, it's sometimes not that obvious.

Anyway, all this is prelude to a funky 7-Eleven commercial from 1970, set to a funky proto-disco beat, and this link to what appears to be a Japanese (or Chinese?) 7-Eleven ad hawking their ice cream.

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Raquel said...

The last time I was in Tokyo I brought a map of the area where my hotel was. I knew if I got lost I could always ask a police officer for directions and show him the map. My boyfriend and I thought we had figured the map out on our own but hesitated on a corner. A nice man stopped and asked if we were alright and we figured we'd show him the map just to double check that we were going in the right direction. He was very eager to help us and ran up and down the streets for a while trying to find the right direction. Eventually he came back saying that he couldn’t find it. He then walked 500 feet in the direction we had been walking originally and noticed that the building had been next to us the whole time!
And, that commercial is definitely Chinese.