Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Allemand left, and a do-si-do! Swing your partner, round you go!

Washington finally joined the rest of the states in offering pretty license plates where you pay a little extra and the money goes to a certain charity. I picked the state parks plate, which I think is the prettiest, it has a waterfall on it and will look so nice on my new silver car. You can see it here.

So we went to buy the plate, and the woman gave us this form that said SD 01915, which was our plate number, she said. We puzzled over the SD for a while, then thought maybe it stood for State Park Department, or something.

But then the plates arrived and guess what? The DMV woman had made a mistake and instead of the pretty state park plate, she signed me up for SQUARE DANCING plates! They have a red outline of a couple square-dancing on them and say SQUARE DANCERS in big letters.

Rob and I were just dumbfounded when they arrived in the mail and we pulled them out of the envelope. No offense to any square dancers, but this is a seriously weird license plate to have, especially if you haven't square danced since fifth grade.

So we had to go back to Patty and Selma at the DMV and this time supposedly she ordered me state park plates.

We shall see. There are a few other freaky-weird plates she could have stuck me with. I love my pets, but not enough to get this seriously hideous plate with an enormous-nosed cartoon dog and what I think is a cat.

The "Keep Kids Safe" one is odd too. It has these colorful paint handprints all over it, and handprints apparently were ruined for me by "The Blair Witch Project" because that is all I visualize when I see those spooky little hands. I also hate how the KEEP KIDS SAFE wording is all written wobbly like a kid wrote it. And keep them safe from what? In general? Yes, I think we agree that is a good plan, but it's kind of agreed on, no? It's not like people were competing for a plate: PUT KIDS IN DANGER.


Snarla said...

I actually think the pets plate is kinda cute, if deranged. I'd probably get it.

Gryph said...

The dog looks like the dog from the comic strip Red and Rover. Best noted for being maybe contemporary but possibly not what with the main character's obsession with Marcia Brady.

meredee said...

Isn't that the dog from the comic strip "Red and Rover" on the pets license plate?

Sara said...

I totally think you should keep the square dancing plates.

Matt Hinrichs said...

We also have the child abuse plates in AZ. They carry the slogan "It shouldn't hurt to be a child", which always makes me barf a little whenever I'm stuck behind a vehicle with one.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so very hard at this. Oh, keep them, keep them! Get out your crinolines, Gael!

ruth said...

That was a DOG? I thought it was a really perky wasp.

NYC Girl said...

At least they don't say "assman." :D

I think the pets one is cute. :)