Tuesday, January 09, 2007


"With Susan With Susan or WITH Susan With Susan?"

Oh, Liz. "With Susan" as in "how can this be happening to you, Miss Perfect Patterson and her Mister Wright, except that everyone and their blind ferret saw this coming like my cat sees when I'm opening the cat food can even when she's three floors away."

In other words: Oh, Liz.

The FOOBiverse has great comments, as usual. I especially like how everyone points out that there was no sign of trouble in paradise two months ago (well, except for Chipper and Suds having gaggy little nicknames for each other), and now suddenly Paul is Mr. Cheats A Lot and has managed to forge such a strong relationship with Susan that everyone in town knows about it (but no one tells Liz). Great town, there. Real supportive and loyal.

Update: Oh, don't miss Liz's letter to April in April's Real Blog. Hilarious


Jennie Smash said...

I was actually amazed that Liz picked up on "with Susan" so quickly. I would have thought it'd take two more weeks of driving and hinting.

Ali said...

I still hold out hope that Paul will be mature about it all, "Elizabeth, you expect the impossible. I've put in for a transfer for you, and you decided to move away without even discussing it with me. I put in for another transfer, the only option you would accept. It always has to be all about you. You don't want an equal partner, you want a slave, or a puppy to follow you around and be there when you need him and go away when you don't. I'm sorry to spring this on you, I wanted to tell you in person instead of over email. This isn't working out. I feel like our relationship is one-sided, and you're very selfish. I hope you will be happy."

And then maybe she would realize it all, "Oh no, I AM an assHOLE."

I know it won't happen, because all REAL men, if it were REALLY love, would drop everything to follow Liz around like a sad puppy, forsaking any life and family of their own to bask in the perfect light shining out of the nearest Patterson ass.

But I can hope.

I can also hope Paul and Susan are just "close friends" like. You know. LIZ AND STALKERTHONY.

govtdrone said...

Lynn Johnson says she isn't retiring yet:


RandomName said...

At this point, I have virtually no way of telling any single member of Liz's legion of admirers, stalkers, and two-timers from any other. I think one was a cop? And another a helicopter dude? And a third was a sinister mime? Who can tell anymore?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Gael! :)

wendell said...

I thought THIS would be the biggest news in the FOOBiverse this week...
"For Better or for Worse" Will Stay On - As Old/New Hybrid Comic

I don't know... I may have to finally break down and write about the FOOB at my comics blog: FunnyPaperless.com

Anonymous said...

I thought of you when I read about this poll on the Comics Curmudgeon site.