Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I was gone most of last week, serving as maid of honor in my best friend Lisa's gorgeous, perfect, soon-to-be-legendary wedding in Washington, D.C. (If you were near our nation's capital and noticed red roses and snowflakes everywhere, that was because of us...Lisa carried out her wedding theme beautifully.)

Since I was gone, I missed the "For Better or For Worse" strips in which Elizabeth bails on Paul, Gary drops a big ol' hint, and Warren finally speaks up.

Now we're on to cat comic relief, which don't get me wrong, I like a lot more than another strip about how wonderful Michael's novel is.

But if Elly and April think it's a big deal that Shiimsa is up on a kitchen cupboard, what in the world would they think of my cats when Dexy decides she can cozy up next to the DVD player in the entertainment center, or Crunchy tries to vertically rappel up the window screens?

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