Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go, boy, go

A little bit on the voice behind the catchy tune in those "Work/Weekend/Dress/Golf" Dockers commercials.

Turns out it's boogie-woogie child prodigy Frankie "Sugar Chile" Robinson singing, even though everyone thinks the singer is female. Watch the ad here.


Anonymous said...

a great voice is a great voice, but i will always imagine that song being sung by a husky voiced woman telling her man just exactly what to do...and that is one of the sexiest songs to come down the pike (again) in a very long time.

themis said...

Oh, I so hate those ads. 'The constant running! Nobodys runs to and fro everywhere! It's just not believable! Go boy go my sweet ass!'

Anonymous said...

sadley, themis misses the whole point of the post...the great song and voice behind it. the commericial itself is not even comment worthy. you want reality, themis, go watch a documentary.