Sunday, January 14, 2007


I love Liz, but Monday's "FBOFW" strip actually attempts to make her face that part of this whole love disaster is her own dumb fault.

It's about time someone said that!

Oh, and in case you have questions about the whole confusing Liz-Granthony-Warren-Suds-Chipper soap opera, The FOOBiverse's Journal lays them out nicely.


Anonymous said...

Hell YEAH it was partly her fault. But it's strange and vaguely racist to hear all that about "she shares his culture," and I'm pretty depressingly sure the "who" in "who's guiding MY path" is going to turn out to be Pornstachio, dull dead-ass of the hometown. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Ick...I don't love Liz. She's been so goody-goody and pompous lately. It seems like Elly is "guiding her path" more than anyone. Remember her remark about how Paul wasn't there for her during the trial like Granthony was?

I agree with gleemonex, that was really creepy racist. Nice theme for MLK day.

Okay Elly/Lynn, we can see where this is going, but someone please get out the razor and shave that 'stache off Granthony so he's not so repulsive!

Anonymous said...

I too found some of this vaguely racist. And while parts of Monday's and Saturday's strips made sense, I also found the 'northern boy who would never survive the concrete jungle of Toronto' stuff incredibly offensive. Having grown up in a small town, few things infuriated me like the implication that being in the city would be like being flung 200 years into the future where everything and everyone would be too sophisticated and advanced for me to comprehend.

Snarla said...

I have to agree gleemonex. As someone in an "interracial" relationship myself I was actually kind of hurt when I read this strip. I guess I should break up with my boyfriend now so we can each pursue someone else who "shares our culture".

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, fellow slaves to the foob. By that logic, I (small-town Texass girl) should never have even dated my husband (NYC native). Well, 15 years and counting ... so DUMB, man.

Anonymous said...

You know what bugged me about the shared culture remarks? Paul is biracial! Liz stated in one of the letters that his family is Irish-Ojibway! and now he can't have a relationship with a white girl? makes no sense!